kids Math 3 to 7

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I have just made available a brand new Math Legends app for kids on the Google Play store. Here is a little bit about it.


There is a free version of this game. Please try that first to test on your chosen device. Kid's math 3-7 from Math Legends is the first step towards a legendary mastery of mathematics for your kids. It will help teach your kids how to count, as well as learn the basics of addition, subtraction and multiplication!

There are no adverts, no real money in-app-purchases or external links of any sort in this game! Once settled you can leave your child on this app with complete confidence.

There are 8 kid friendly lessons. All the lessons have a friendly teacher voice to guide your child's progress. Through accuracy and persistence, kids earn trophy and medal achievements as well as in-game credits and XP. They can 'spend' the credits on unlocking 'friend' characters that show up from time to time during lessons to play a hide 'n' seek game.

A parental settings screen can configure the difficulty of each lesson individually by setting the ranges of the numbers used in questions as well as the frequency that the hide 'n' seek game will be played.

The lessons:

  1. Count forwards and backwards from 0-20.
  2. Count the objects (balls or skateboards) and press the correct multi-choice answer.
  3. Identify the highest number.
  4. Identify the lowest number.
  5. Add by counting objects and identifying the digits and + operator
  6. Take away by counting objects and identifying the digits and - operator
  7. Multiply by counting objects and identifying the digits and x operator
  8. Legendary mode with tougher questions for when they have mastered the other lessons!

Get your kids started on the journey to become a Math Legend! Get kids math 3 to 7.