Mastering CryEngine book review

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This book is a bit of a gem. So often the mastering range by PACKT is authored by extremely technical, and slightly overly academic types. I'm not saying that the authors Sascha Gundlach and Michelle Martin aren't extremely technical or even that they are not academic types; but their style of writing as well as the topics covered were exceptionally practical and above all genuinely useful.


You can take away some benefit from Mastering Cry Engine even if Cry Engine is not your engine of choice. Even if you are just a small-time app developer like me there is probably something in here for you too. The reason for this is probably because the authors are speaking about things they have actually done. After having worked at Crytek actually on projects like Crysis, chances are any aspiring or intermediate level game developer could pick something interesting up.

Most useful for me was the discussion of version control at the beginning which was wrapped up nicely right at the end of the book when how to ship your product was covered. Next most useful, or perhaps just fun was a whole chapter on eyecandy which helped me quite easily create some quite tasty lens flares.

If you are brand new to CryEngine however allot (although not all) of this book is going to go over your head. I have been playing with it for over a year and I thought my C++ skills were  at least intermediate. Allot of the content was still to advanced for me. So to get maximum value this really is for the extremely curious/eager to learn or for developers who are very comfortable with the basics already.

The book description made me aware of the target audience so it wasn't a surprise or disappointment. 

If you are an eager novice like me or an intermediate who wants insider tips from real pros then check the full description on the publishers web site here