The $5 eBook Bonanza is here!

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Treat yourself to the eBook or Video of your choice for just $5 and get as many as you like until January 6th 2015. To get you started, we've put together the Top 20 Titles of 2014 for you to pick up here. But don’t forget, you can get ANY eBook or Video for $5 in this offer.

Packt helps IT professionals Level Up their skills with eBooks and Videos at $10 or less

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Packt Publishing has published over 2000 books and videos as part of its mission to help the world put software to work in new ways – in areas including web development, big data, app development, and games development

On September 25th Packt is launching a special offer to encourage IT professionals to join them in that mission andLevel Up their skills – for the next 7 days ALL eBooks and Videos are just $10 each or less. The more EXP customers want to gain, the more they save:

·        Any 1 or 2 eBooks/Videos – $10 each

·        Any 3 to 5 eBooks/Videos – $8 each

·        Any 6 or more eBooks/Videos – $6 each

The offer ends October 2nd and covers Packt’s entire range of eBooks and Videos, making this the perfect opportunity to learn something new, keep up to date, and ultimately become the expert.

 Read more and check out the offer at

Mastering CryEngine book review

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This book is a bit of a gem. So often the mastering range by PACKT is authored by extremely technical, and slightly overly academic types. I'm not saying that the authors Sascha Gundlach and Michelle Martin aren't extremely technical or even that they are not academic types; but their style of writing as well as the topics covered were exceptionally practical and above all genuinely useful.

New dev blog & buy one get one free technology ebooks!

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This is my first post to the new dev blog and I thought it appropriate to mention that I am self taught like many other developers. As well as the usual places on the Web that all us self taught developers use I also gained allot from numerous books from publisher Packt.

Packt have an offer to celebrate having published 2000 books. I also wrote a few of them- arguably a little earlier than I was qualified to do so. But seriously, the books are great and cover every conceivable technology topic.